RED Epic-X: Welcome to #PearlRoadsStudios

PearlRoads Studios has been acquiring professional Cinema equipment since December 2012.  We welcomed our Scarlet-X to the PRS family. We’ve shot several short films, and one feature with it. We saw that it was an investment towards the vision of our company, not just for ourselves, but for our fellow filmmaker located where we are. The image quality and the vast capabilities of what you can achieve with the RAW data is breathtaking because of it’s sensor. RED offers powerful free software, Redcine X Pro, to use with their camera. You’re able to completely manipulate the image, but you must initially shoot at optimum settings, because  you can’t change your shutter speed, or aperture.


Its now May 2017, and we’ve upgraded to a Red Epic X. You can find it on our rental site (click the image above) for detailed specifications. Since we’ve powered it on we have instantly seen a difference in the image quality, the 5K image is flawless allowing you to capture every detail. The difference between our Scarlet and Epic is significant considering the compression ratio. There is more information in the image, but that in no way subtracts from the Scarlet, it’s a beautiful cinematic camera. For our final output, we’ll either render in 2K or 4K depending on its destination.

At the end of the day it’s really about the story, whether you’d like to shoot it on 4K capable cell phone, or an 8K camera, it’s your choice. We choose these cameras, and we’re happy to share them with you.

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