Here at PearlRoads Studios we can provide you with the tools you need to complete your commercial, television or film production. We can provide you with turn key pre and post production services or, you can rent our state of the art equipment to do it yourself. Our turn key services include camera, sound, lights crew, dailies, post production ADR, editing, and distribution.

Our Red Scarlet and Red Epic can record 4k and 5k Raw. It is a huge picture so if your seeking distribution or incredible detail in your commercial you have come to the right place. Our camera’s sensor is a full frame 35MM with 18 stops. It comes with a Canon mount, but for an additional charge we can put swap to a PL mount. A side handle is included to allow for hot swap of the 140mw Red Bricks (90min) so you won’t lose a shot because power limitations. The camera also comes with 64gig SSD that will record for over an hour each. The picture is well, awesome, and these directors thought so too: red.com/shot-on-red/cinema.

Workflow is easy. For example a bare minimum i5, 16 gigs of ram, Geforce 640, 4 drives and Adobe CS6 will edit in real time without lagging. But most people today have more under there hoods than this example and use either CS6, FCP or Media Composer. Red also provides several free downloadable plugins for your editing software as well as a RedCine-X Pro which is a color grading software that is undescribable.

You can have a beautiful picture but you might as well hang it on a wall without sound. Sound will either make or brake your film. It does not mater how good the script, acting or color grading is, without good sound your audience will never become part of your story. For sound we offer the king of dialogue mics, a Schoeps CMC641. The sound kit also includes a 12″ Gitzo, Inv 6, 7, Baby Ball, Muff, Sound Device Mixer, and H4N recorder. DP: “I need you to mount a mic on the camera.” Boom: “sure, as soon as you mount a camera on a mic.” But seriously, for an additional charge we can provide you with a tether to the Red for a directors cart.

We offer the Canon L series lenses which a full frame 35MM lenses. Please consider the magnification/crop factor when selecting lenses. For example at 4K a 30MM is basically a 50MM.

We are actors too! We have each participated in big budget films and know what it takes to turn a script into a full feature. Our Director of Photography, Perla Rodriguez, has been shooting movies since the age of nine. Perla has produced shot and edited shorts, features, and commercials. Perla may have started out running and gunning on a Mini VHS recorder tethered to an extension cord but now she uses Red Digital Cinema equipment. Red is the King why compromise?



Perla is a producer, film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, camera operator, and actress who's creative background in various multimedia platforms bring experience, innovation, and creativity to the team.
Lassiter Holmes has a background in storytelling and entertainment law. He brings extensive business experience to the team. He is a producer, actor, director, screenwriter, camera operator, magician.